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The CD Träume/Dreams features a selection of lullabies by various composers from the world music scene. Artists Nataša Antoniazzo and Mia Elezović have chosen songs that are rarely performed and recorded, deliberately avoiding the so-called “hits” like Brahms’ and Schubert’s lullabies. Thus, we can hear the songs Wiegenlied im Winter und Wiegenlied im Sommer by Hugo Wolf. Richard Strauss’ Wiegenliedchen op.49 Nr.3 which is less often recorded and performed compared to Wiegenlied op. 41 Nr. 1. Max Reger’s Schlaf ein op.76 Nr.47 is included, and the CD also features two world premieres by active Croatian composers, Ante Knešaurek s Spavaj , spavaj zlato moje and Uspavanka by Laura Mjeda Čuperjani, commissioned specifically for this CD. In addition to the premieres by Croatian composers, three other Croatian composers, Ferdo Livadić, Hubert Pettan, and Ivan Matetić Ronjgov, are presented with their lullabies. The beautiful Japanese lullaby Oyasuminasai by the Japanese composer Yoshinao Nakada is sung in Japanese. Among the frequently performed songs are Xavier Montsalvatge’s Cancion de cuna para, De Falla’s Nana, Grieg’s Margaretens Wiegenlied, and Tchaikovsky’s Wiegenlied.